Phase 4: Being a bit random– deciding who gets what in the trial?

For the past few months, The People’s Trial has been working with people like you from across the world to help us choose the question The People’s Trial will tackle.

The question chosen by the public is:

Does reading a book in bed make a difference to sleep in comparison to not reading a book in bed?

We don’t know for sure if reading really makes a difference to sleep and if so by how much.

We want as many people as possible to help us tackle the question by taking part in The People’s Trial.  Anyone can take part – you don’t need special skills or training to get involved.

In The People’s Trial, we will be randomising some people to reading a book in bed and others to not reading a book…. but we will only be asking people to do this for 7 days (you can take part anytime between now and 31st December but please dont click ‘Take Part’ until you are sure you will be sleeping in your own bed for the following 7 nights).

Please remember to only take part if you are willing to be randomised to reading OR not reading and to stick with it for 7 days!

Find out why randomisation is important in the video below.

Number of people taking part
Number of people assigned randomly
Reading a book in bed
Not reading a book in bed

Phase Four.

Click the button above to take part.