Phase 1: What sort of questions could we try to answer?

All good trials start with a good question. We would like you to suggest questions we might use for The People’s Trial. Have you ever wondered whether it would be possible to get some proof for something you’d been told you had to do? Or just wanted to know more about something? We’ve given a few examples below of the sorts of questions we are thinking of. You’ll have heard all of these before but is there any truth behind them? Now’s your chance to find out. You can use any of these examples or, even better, come up with your own question.


Submit your question.

We are looking for questions that we can design The People’s Trial around – is there something you’ve always wanted to know, such as:
Does eating cheese cause more nightmares than not eating cheese?
Does going for a walk outside at lunchtime improve your concentration in the afternoon compared to not going for a walk?
Does wearing socks in bed make a difference to how well you sleep compared to not wearing socks in bed?