Phase 2: Choosing Our Trial Question

Thank you for voting for the question YOU want The People’s Trial to tackle.

We will now collate your votes to come up with THE question.

A really important part of the trial process is making sure that the question we tackle isn’t already answered!

We want to make sure that The People’s Trial tackles a question that answers a real gap in our knowledge. If we didn’t do this then we might waste a lot of people’s time (and some money) by trying to answer a question that has already been answered!  This step helps us reduce research waste. Research waste shouldn’t happen, but it does. See here for more information on research waste.


Phase Two is Now Closed.

*We have only included the questions that can be answered through The People’s Trial. Some people suggested similar questions so we joined these together where possible. Some of you came up with great questions that unfortunately we can’t answer in this project, for example questions about the effects of prescription drugs (as we can’t randomise people to take prescription drugs without a rigorous medical assessment) or things we can’t control, like the weather (we wish we could!). Although one of you had a really interesting question asking if the weather makes a difference to our mood?

Click here to see the list of questions we didn’t bring forward to phase 2 and the reasons why.